Spending long hours debugging tests? Never again.Introducing Workflow Validation

Posted by on April 12, 2017 9:06pm

Creating real-world scenarios is easy with Nouvola. Now also debugging them is a piece of cake.

ValidationButton.pngHave you ever created tests only to spend long hours debugging the tests themselves? For complex workflows and user scenarios ( Sessions in DiveCloud terminology), especially when tests make use of parameterization and /or randomization, it becomes extremely useful to have a streamlined mechanism to validate and debug the test workflow itself.

With Nouvola you can get real-world performance in just a few minutes.  Now you can also debug in seconds.  Based on the valuable feedback of our customers, we are very excited to announce Workflow Validation. Nouvola Workflow Validation provides the ability to run a session workflow as if it were a single virtual user for a single iteration, giving you visibility of all data and parameters passed in both the request and the response, header and payload.

ValidationOutcome.pngIn keeping with our mission at Nouvola, we’ve designed Workflow Validation to be super-easy to  use. Once you have your session ready with variables and parameters, just click the workflow validation button. The test will execute for a single  iteration (not at load). Within seconds you will get:

  • The list of all requests in the workflow (highlighted in red if they returned an error) in the order they were executed
  • When expanded (by clicking the small arrow on the left of the request) it will display all the parameters and data related to that request:
    • Variables used and their content for this iteration
    • Request and Response Headers
    • Request and Response Bodies

The last three executions are saved and can be retrieved. They are also highlighted in red if at least one of the requests failed. Pretty straightforward!

Interested in the details? Go  here for a step-by-step breakdown of exactly how it works.  Or better yet, request a demo to get a hands-on live demonstration of the full set of DiveCloud functionalities and try it out for yourself.

Getting real-world performance is very easy with Nouvola. Now also debugging it is a piece of cake.

We’d love your feedback!  Email us to share your thoughts on this new set of capabilities for Nouvola DiveCloud.

The Nouvola Team

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