Turn Your Postman Collections into Nouvola API Tests

Posted by on January 2, 2018 10:15pm

The need for performance testing APIs is becoming more and more critical, as the use of open APIs continues to expand. In the modern API economy, APIs are used everywhere for applications to communicate and integrate. New methodologies like microservices architectures are based on APIs, and the most common architecture today is Restful APIslogo-glyph.png.

There are several tools to develop your APIs. One of the most popular is Postman, which makes API development a good deal easier.

APIs are often tested first in isolation and then by grouping multiple services together. But performance is also important, and testing is not complete without performance testing. This applies to APIs as well as anything else. Even though APIs are basically invisible to users, if there is a slow or underperforming API, everybody feels the pain. And since a single API can be called a million times during a typical execution, there are much higher stakes in a API slowdown than in other parts of the application. Fortunately, Nouvola enables you to accelerate the process to ensure great API quality and deliver services that are fast, reliable and resilient.

To accommodate the popular demand for this kind of testing, Nouvola offers a very simple and quick mechanism to integrate directly with Postman and import Postman API collections.

If you use Postman for your API development testing, you can import your collections directly from there and upload them into Nouvola DiveCloud with a single click.

You can also build your API endpoints in Postman and perform your functional validation within it. Once you are satisfied with the functional aspects of your APIs, you can easily import them into Nouvola DiveCloud. In DiveCloud they will be treated equally as any other session, and can be edited and modified to add parameterization or randomization. Or they can be combined with other sessions in a MultiSession (either sequential or parallel) to provide diverse workflows in load testing. You can also validate your API within Nouvola to make sure all parameters are correct before launching a big test at scale.

There you go! At this point, this session is treated like any other session in DiveCloud. It can be used in any test plan, so you’ll have the full power of the Nouvola feature set at your disposal to run tests using your new API requests.

For a step-by-step check  here. Or better yet,  request a Nouvola demo to get a live demonstration of the full range of Nouvola DiveCloud API testing capabilities, and try it out for yourself.

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