Real DevOps Benefits of Nouvola – AWS CodePipeline Integration

Posted by on June 6, 2017 9:53pm

aws-logo-large-orig.pngIn case you missed the news, we recently announced a new integration with AWS CodePipeline to help developers, DevOps professionals and engineering managers release faster code, faster.

AWS selected Nouvola as an essential DevOps tool for developers. We are in great company, joining a group of best-of-breed DevOps solutions like Github and Jenkins, and we’re proud that our vision of real-world ready turnkey performance testing is now available on AWS CodePipeline. For more details, see AWS CodePipeline’s short list of  Product Integrations and the official press release.

We are also excited by the initial response to the integration, and appreciate the good coverage from Software Testing Magazine Yahoo Finance EETimes CloudIT, and InfoTech among many others.

AWS CodePipeline users will be able to add a Nouvola test action to their pipeline in a few clicks to take advantage of all the powerful features of Nouvola performance testing and load testing.

Wondering how to add a Nouvola test action to your pipeline? See the  play-by-play here.

Some of the key benefits of using Nouvola’s integration with AWS CodePipeline are:

  • Fast release cycles – Developers can deploy with confidence knowing their web and mobile apps perform well, accelerating testing cycles and reducing the risk of rollbacks.
  • Faster and better software – Avoid crashes, slow-times and unhappy users by building quality early in the cycle and catching performance issues before they reach customers and users.
  • Easy to integrate  – Nouvola tests are easily added to pipelines directly from within the AWS CodePipeline console, facilitating continuous testing.

The delivery of top-quality digital experiences is imperative for any enterprise today, and continuous testing is critical to achieve optimal agility and fast release cycles. We are excited to deliver automated performance and load testing as an integral part of the continuous testing and continuous delivery process through Nouvola’s integration with AWS CodePipeline.

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 As always, we’d love your feedback!  Email us to share your thoughts on this new set of capabilities for Nouvola DiveCloud.

The Nouvola Team