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Posted by on July 3, 2014 9:13am

Add Real-World Delays with DiveCloud

Creating and executing a good performance test scenario is about more than just capturing and replicating the many steps of a complex workflow. It’s about simulating user actions in a manner that most closely mirrors real life.

The Solution? DiveCloud Think Time

With DiveCloud you already have the ability to create intricate user sessions, but now you can go even further to humanize your virtual users and simulate real-world user load. Just add some random think time between each step in your test session, and let each virtual user take a short break equal of 1 second or less between repetitions, before getting back to work.

How to use DiveCloud with Think Time

Adding Think Time between session steps couldn’t be easier. When you run a test, just click the little rubik’s cube icon to the right of the RUN TEST button and we’ll add a different amount of think time between each user request. Simple.

If you’d rather not include Think Time, just leave the box unchecked and the next request will execute without delay.


Interested in trying it out? To start using Think Time, simply sign in, select the checkbox next to one of your tests, and click RUN TEST. You’ll be running more real-world tests in no time!

For more information, examples and usage instruction, please consult our Help Page

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