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Posted by on October 31, 2014 11:15pm

You can’t win them all. Nobody knows that more than high-tech entrepreneurs who view every setback as a learning experience. Recently Nouvola was named a finalist in the Oregon Entrepreneur Network’s (OEN) Tom Holce Award for the Launch Stage Company of the Year. While we didn’t take the winning prize, we were honored to be recognized among some other highly innovative businesses like GlobeSherpa, another local startup that is creating jobs here in Portland and introducing a transformative technology likely to have a far-reaching impact.

More than 600 local business leaders attended OEN’s entertaining and inspiring awards ceremony that honored the persevering entrepreneurial spirit and recognized the important contribution of entrepreneurs and small businesses to the local economy here in Portland.

The theme of the evening was True Grit, fitting for a group of people who spend their days building a product from scratch and working to win over consumers and investors. As anyone who has ever built a business knows, perseverance is the hallmark of success. For Nouvola, which was founded in 2012 on a shoestring, and has spent much of the past two years establishing itself in the enterprise software market, being recognized among the best in this vibrant startup community was a heartfelt validation.

Co-founder and CEO Paola Moretto spoke in this podcast about the past two years, her passion to offer businesses a better way to scale in the cloud and the unique challenges of being a female founder in a field where most of the leaders are men.

Moretto noted that while women in technology are still a small minority today, women leading high-tech startups are so few and far between, they are more like unicorns, actually like ‘a unicorn with sparkles.’ Read more about the unicorn with sparkles here.

While challenges and setbacks are a part of the process for all entrepreneurs, we at Nouvola have had a multitude of successes in our short history to date. As we continue to enhance our technology to address the needs of an ever-growing number of businesses operating in the cloud, we look forward to continuing to be an active player in the Oregon startup community and reaching out to more customers with a technology that will help them do business with confidence.

Don’t hesitate to contact Paola Moretto directly with your comments and inputs via You can find her on Twitter at @paolamoretto3 or @nouvolatech.


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