Testing gets easier than ever with the Nouvola DiveCloud plugin for Jenkins.

Posted by on September 16, 2015 11:28pm

Integration with the release process is a must for performance testing to be used effectively. The ability to automate everything from code to production is a critical requirement for any development team.

With Nouvola’s new plugin for Jenkins you can now add one or more Nouvola DiveCloud performance tests to your favorite continuous integration system, making it easier to validate your changes and remediate any performance issue before it becomes a real problem. The process becomes fully automated, thereby improving productivity and reducing the time it takes to address problems.

To install the plugin, just go to the  Jenkins Plugin site, follow the instructions for the Jenkins Plugin Manager and look for Nouvola DiveCloud. Once installation is complete, it will show up in your Build Steps.


Enter the required information and the DiveCloud test will run every time your build gets executed. Now, you can quickly find and fix cloud performance issues as part of your continuous integration process.


  • Easy creation of thousands of virtual users generating real traffic
  • Generate traffic from multiple locations worldwide
  • Create elaborate user scenarios via DiveCloud
  • Support for API testing
  • Create and run tests in minutes
  • Identify performance issues at a glance
  • No installation required. No scripting
  • Cloud agnostic and highly flexible

If you’re using Jenkins,  get the new plugin and  run a free test today to see for yourself how easy performance testing can be!

We’d love your feedback!  Email us to share your thoughts on this new feature.


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