Talking cloud: The intersection of cloud and application performance (or, Why good enough is never good enough)

Posted by on September 16, 2014 7:54pm

A look at five key trends I see driving the industry over the next 12 months.

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Talking CloudAs I’ve noted in some of my earlier posts, there were several new trends generating discussion at this year’s GigaOm Structure. But if you step back and take a broader look at the industry, two things are abundantly clear. First, the cloud is providing many opportunities for businesses to operate more efficiently and offer superior service. Second, for all the widespread cloud adoption we’ve seen, performance remains a significant concern, particularly as more businesses focus on application scale-out. Two years ago, an IDC survey found that application performance was one of the top three inhibitors of cloud adoption. And still today, when businesses say they are hesitant to adopt the cloud, performance is often the reason why.

Nouvola was founded with those performance concerns in mind. The feedback I heard at Structure underscores how Nouvola is perfectly positioned to address performance and help SW companies and SaaS vendors profit from the great opportunities outlined in previous posts.

Here’s the thing about performance: good enough is not good enough. Consistently delivering optimal performance and a positive user experience needs to be the highest priority for all players involved, especially as more businesses pursue application scale out. Having a rock solid technology on which to optimize your SaaS brings a critical competitive advantage for both greenfield and legacy enterprise applications.

Today, performance testing is not really optional for any serious operation. It should be seen as part of the cost of doing business: if you are a SaaS provider or you have a cloud -based application, measuring and optimizing your performance needs to be a fixture of your continuous development and continuous deployment flows and DevOps flows.

The fact is that traditional performance testing approaches simply don’t work in the cloud or with an Agile continuous development workflow that most companies use today. Cloud and Agile flows require a completely new approach, based on measuring user performance metrics, testing with real-life user scenarios, and assessing true end-to-end performance, for every build, every push, every load, every geo, every day. Equally important, performance testing needs to be seamlessly integrated with your processes and flows. Continuous development and continuous deployment need to be paired up with continuous testing. This is a complex and ever-changing challenge for businesses that need to test performance every single day.

The focus on application performance in the cloud and the ability to measure speed, responsiveness and all the key performance indicators (KPIs) affecting the user experience is a critical capability that Nouvola brings to the table. We like to think of Nouvola as the best SaaS optimizer. It’s the challenge that our business was founded to address and our team is always working to ensure we earn that label. Check out our recent post on the many accolades we’ve received of late and you’ll see we’re getting a lot of recognition as a leader in this space.

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