Rewriting the Wall Street Journal: Why big companies don’tneed to delay cloud adoption

Posted by on September 4, 2014 7:52pm

Why big companies don't need to delay cloud adoptionThe Wall Street Journal recently published a piece looking at why some enterprises remain hesitant to adopt the cloud. The piece was titled Why Big Companies Delay Using the Cloud for Some Applications but as I’ve noted in my own headline, it could just as easily have read Why big companies don’t need to delay cloud adoption.

The Journal notes that for some businesses under pressure to fulfill large volumes of customer orders on a tight deadline, ‘there is still too much risk’ depending on third parties to manage computer servers.

I understand that this is a serious concern. But it need not be a reason to avoid the cloud. Nouvola was created to give companies a means to test the performance of their apps in the cloud ⬦ ahead of time. And if you can adopt the cloud with confidence that your apps won’t crash, you can actually enjoy a lot of its benefits.

The Journal references one ERP startup that says, concerns about the cloud notwithstanding, many large enterprises prefer running software on the cloud because they can avoid upgrading and custom-programming software. Other benefits include expanding swiftly and getting newly acquired assets up and running quickly.

It’s clear that the cloud is the future of computing. Rather than delaying adoption, companies need to find ways to adopt with confidence, and Nouvola can support them in doing so.

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