Announcing Randomized GETs. Modeling the Real World

Posted by on February 23, 2016 11:26pm


Loyal customers would be quick to move to a different product if your software fails under load. Today, performance testing is more important than ever.

When creating a performance test, one of the main challenges is having a single test representing the behavior of a group of real users. Real users take different actions and select different values and different assets as they interact with your software.

We’re happy to announce a new set of randomization capabilities for Nouvola DiveCloud. Now you can randomize not only POST payload, but also GETs, to create more realistic experiences through your application, and therefore garner more accurate results of your software performance. Read on for all the details. 

New! Randomized GETs

Randomize any GETs requests, so that for each virtual user and each iteration a different request is submitted.

This can be done in two different ways, that provide different levels of flexibility: 

  1. Modify URL’s by using metacharacters in the path, as shown below. A list of available metacharacters and how they work is displayed in the pull down page. This method will generate sequences of alphanumeric characters, in random order, that will replace some of the fields in the URL. 
  2. Draw the valid URL values from a CSV file, using the UPLOAD button. Most useful when the valid parameters are not completely random. This method will pull randomly from the set of values in the file.

Run a free test today to check out the latest Randomized GETs feature!

We’d love your feedback!  Email us to share your thoughts on this new feature.

The Nouvola team


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