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Posted by on July 27, 2014 8:04pm

Capture POST Requests Using DiveTrace

Testing the performance of your site often requires going beyond simply measuring page load times at varying virtual user levels. More complex sessions generally involve not only getting data and presenting it to the user, but also posting data back to the server. If you are concerned that user registration, form completion or order submission may be taxing your application and degrading the user experience, DiveCloud now has the answer!


The Solution? DiveTrace POST

With DiveTrace you already have the ability to record and then replay sessions with DiveCloud. Now this simple process for creating complex sessions goes even further by capturing POST requests from any data entry form, submission or transactional workflow making your tests more like real user sessions. Just press RECORD, navigate to the pages you want to test, enter input values and let DiveTrace do the heavy lifting for you. All of your GET and POST requests will be recorded, available for editing and ready for testing. And, since POST data often requires unique or structured input values, you can now add expressions to your session data and pass a custom value with each POST.

Start benefiting from DiveTrace with POST data today!

With DiveTrace you can:

  • Quickly and easily create complex scripts by recording a multi-page session
  • Capture all GET and POST requests
  • Customize input values for POST requests with structured data using expressions
  • Replay sessions to test performance over time and with varying input values
  • Save time creating sessions so you can focus on the results

Get started using DiveTrace with POST Data

If you haven’t used DiveTrace yet, here’s how to get started.
  • Download and install the DiveTrace Chrome plug-in
  • Launch DiveTrace by clicking the Cloud in the top right corner of Chrome
  • Press EXPAND to capture a session that spans multiple pages, tabs or pop-ups
  • Press RESTRICT to capture a session from just the tab in focus
  • Press RECORD to begin recording and press SAVE to stop

Then, go to the SESSIONS tab in DiveCloud, select your newly saved session and press EDIT to customize data values in POST requests. When you’re ready, create a new test by selecting your recorded session and you’re all set.


Interested in trying it out? Simply sign in and start capturing and editing sessions with POST data today!

For more information, examples and usage instructions, please refer to the ‘Record&Replay’ tab on our Help Page

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