PASS/FAIL Threshold Now Available

Posted by on September 10, 2014 8:08pm

Save time and effort on your test results

Threshold_FAIL So you have built your load test. You have it running and your performance metrics are starting to come in. You open your report and look at the data and graphs to see 500ms on something that can’t be over 300ms. Wow wouldn’t it have been great if you could have known that while the test was running without having to dig into the analysis?

The Solution? DiveCloud PASS/FAIL Threshold

With Nouvola’s DiveCloud’s email notification you’ll not only know once your test is completed, but now with Pass/Fail you will also be notified if your test passed or failed. No more looking at every data point to see if a test failed, you’ll know as soon as it’s happened.

The new PASS/FAIL Threshold for DiveCloud allows you to that and more

With DiveCloud Threshold you can:

  • set performance thresholds that meet your design goals
  • receive immediate notification on whether your test results passed or failed
  • find out about the outcome of your test even before looking at the test graphs
  • visualize the threshold in relation to your application timing
  • easily adjust your application to meet the threshold you set

Using DiveCloud PASS/FAIL Threshold in your tests

When you create a Session, there is a new field ‘Response Time Threshold (msec)’, as shown in the figure below. Select the value that you think represents a failure for your session.

Once your test has completed an email will be sent to you with one of the following subjects:

(PASSED) Divecloud Test for Plan – <YourTestName> is Complete

(FAILED) Divecloud Test for Plan – <YourTestName> is Complete

(INVESTIGATE) Divecloud Test for Plan – <YourTestName> is Complete

Also, in the result page the label PASS or FAIL or INVESTIGATE will be displayed next to your results, as in the image below. Here the grey line represents the threshold you have set for this test. In this example there you can see the errors as the response time is always above the threshold.

For more information, examples and usage instruction, please consult our Help Page

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