Nouvola Introduces Network Emulation to Enhance MobilePerformance Testing

Posted by on June 7, 2017 3:15pm

NetworkEmulation1.pngMore users around the world are accessing the internet via mobile devices than from desktop computers. As traffic moves increasingly towards mobile networks, it is imperative for mobile apps to perform well under a variety of network conditions. Should network conditions deteriorate, apps must be robust enough to degrade subtly without surprises to the user.

This is precisely why we are introducing Nouvola Network Emulation, which complements our already feature-rich mobile performance testing solution. With Nouvola Network Emulation, you can simulate the behavior of mobile networks within your performance or load tests, and see exactly how your apps perform under different conditions. Best of all, Network Emulation will now be included at no additional charge with your paid Nouvola subscription. Say goodbye to the need for expensive, numerous mobile devices and emulators!

With Nouvola Network Emulation, you can emulate:bigstock-Evening-Drive-At-Canyonlands-N-88925534 (2).jpg

  • Full broadband;
  • 4G networks; and
  • 3G networks

For each network you want to emulate, the system will select a different combination of uplink speed, downlink speed and latency. You can then add this parameter to any test plan.

Interested in the details? Check out this step-by-step breakdown of exactly how it works. Or better yet, request a demo to get a live demonstration of the full range of Nouvola DiveCloud mobile performance testing capabilities, and try it out for yourself.

Get your apps ready for the real-world and for a mobile-first experience with Nouvola Network Emulation.
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