Looking back our first full year (and feeling pretty good about it)

Posted by on January 9, 2014 12:24am

It’s that time of year when we tend to reflect, take stock, and set some new goals for the future. Here at Nouvola, 2013 was a year when our young business launched our first product, DiveCloud Beta, reached our first set of customers, received widespread recognition, and won the top award in a prominent startup competition and angel conference. While running a small bootstrap operation and juggling the multiple tasks that come with the startup territory, we also changed our name, raised capital and traveled around the country highlighting the problem of scalability that our software is built to address. Some highlights from 2013:

We won!We won! First prize at the 10th Annual Bend Venture Conference. Nouvola was the Launch Stage winner at this competition for Oregon-based startups. The award came with $250,000 investment which will help us support our growing operation into 2014. Oregon has a vibrant entrepreneurial scene and we are proud to have been recognized among so many strong startups.

You can read more here about some of the past winners of this competition.

and we were a semi-finalist at the Willamette Angel Conference. In another validation of our product and our business model, Nouvola was recognized at this event, along with other startups from a range of sectors from pharmaceuticals and groceries to wine and real estate.

Portland Business Journal featured us. Some will say that all publicity is good publicity, but we were especially pleased with how this paper explained our software and the challenge it is designed to address. The piece underscores how the rise in cloud-based applications is creating a widespread need for better software to help businesses scale successfully.

FoundersPad Accelerators’ Program helped us fine tune our business model. This nine-week mentoring program was instrumental in helping us refine our business ⬦ while working alongside some other promising local startups and exceptional mentors. FoundersPad has a strong track record of graduating entrepreneurs who have gone on to build successful companies, raise capital and create jobs.

We Won!Rebranding, and more. Those of you who have followed us from the beginning may recall that we originally went by the name Cloudy Days, in homage to both the weather in our beloved Pacific Northwest, and, of course, that other cloud. It was a fitting name, but we came to realize, also a name that we were outgrowing as we set our sights beyond our home base. You can read more here about how we came up with a new name that also pays homage to our roots and the cloud.

On a final note, many of the biggest events for us in 2013 were those that occurred outside of our business. From the problematic launch of healthcare.gov to the recurrent problems faced by all kinds of businesses serving large numbers of customers online, we are increasingly reminded that you have to prepare to scale. Nouvola was built to address that specific challenge of predicting how software will perform under different traffic loads and the magnitude of that challenge is becoming increasingly apparent. Today, as we embark on a new year, we look forward to continuing to serve our customers and helping more and more companies predict with certainty how their software will perform in the cloud so that they can fix potential problems before they arise.

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