How DevOps is Creating a Moment of Truth for Performance Testing Technology

Posted by on September 15, 2016 11:47pm

bigstock-Program-89200619.jpgRecently we came across a great analysis of the performance testing market and how it’s getting disrupted by the increasing demand for continuous testing. We’re grateful to Nancy Gohring and 451 Research for covering this topic, and we were honored to be mentioned in the article (full version here) as one of the innovative forces in performance testing — woot woot!

In fact, we agree with a number of the views reflected in the article, and as we also share the opinion that these trends are of imminent importance in performance testing right now, we were inspired to devote a bit more space here to further articulating our own reflections on the current DevOps challenges facing the industry. The following four pillars outline the highlights of our observations:

Continuous Testing is a fundamental element of DevOps.

You cannot do Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery without continuous testing. Without continuous testing, the net result is that testing process can’t keep up with your development speed. You might accelerate your release cycle only to find out more problems in production. Not good.  Both Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are almost meaningless without continuous testing.

Testing has been left behind.

Testing has not evolved at the speed of light, as with other segments. While we have seen tremendous innovation in the infrastructure domain (with elastic on-demand infrastructure now being the norm), and in the development domain (with first Agile and now CI and CD development approaches being rapidly adopted), software testing has been left behind. This the reason why we believe we are going to see remarkable innovation in software testing in the near future, and why we think software testing represents a fantastic opportunity for a new set of ‘nextgen’, natively cloud-based, best-in-class, API-centric services aimed at making the process of software testing faster and more efficient.

“Performance testing was a relatively stable market until recent demand for easier testing processes emerged. Now, businesses want to do performance testing early and often in order to find problems and fix them quicker.”

The enterprise is ready for nextgen performance testing solutions.

The enterprise today is faced with a plurality of challenges, including: how to make software a key differentiator, how to be nimble and rapidly respond to market dynamics, and how to adopt Agile and DevOps. The enterprise does not want tools that either directly or (more often) indirectly inhibit adoption of DevOps and CI/CD, thereby creating additional obstacles to faster release cycles. On the contrary, the enterprise needs tools that are facilitating or accelerating this transition, not holding them back. In other words, the enterprise is well-primed for adoption of nextgen performance testing solutions.

“Companies want to begin doing performance testing more frequently, including earlier in the development process, and integrate performance testing into their CI/CD

Simple, elegant are IN, complexity is OUT.

Developers’ efficiency is now paramount for the enterprise. Anything that makes developers more efficient ultimately increases the company’s competitive advantage. Why would you want your most precious resources to spend time developing home-grown testing tools and frameworks, or learn complex products? Obviously such scenarios are far from the ideal of having developers focus on what they do and know best. Thus the enterprise has grown increasingly impatient with the previously tolerated testing ‘timesuck’ of obsolete solutions. Simple and elegant is the ultimate vision for nextgen performance testing solutions.

“Rather than require developers to learn a challenging new product, some providers are trying to remove complexity from their offerings, making them easier to use and at the same time decreasing the amount of time it takes to set up and run load tests.”

 In summary, as the enterprise is under immense pressure to evolve DevOps practices and adopt Continuous Testing, it finds itself well-primed to embrace nextgen performance testing solutions. Of particular relevance will be solutions that are natively cloud-based, best-in-class, simple and elegant, turnkey and API-centric, which are already becoming increasingly valued in the current market.

Paola Moretto is co-founder and CEO of Nouvola, a nextgen performance testing solution. You can also find her on Twitter at @paolamoretto3.