Goodbye CloudyDays. Hello Nouvola!

Posted by on July 25, 2013 1:20am

For the last year, our team has been working really hard to take this company to the next stage of our evolution. I’m excited to announce that as of today, CloudyDays is transitioning our company name and our brand to Nouvola.

Surprised? I am sure you have a lot of questions, and I will do my best to answer them all.

Why — What is Happening to CloudyDays?

The company and the name ‘CloudyDays’ started in early 2012 at PDX Startup Weekend. The original idea began with the awareness that web apps performance would become more and more critical with the cloud revolution. Developers and engineering managers would be essentially left with no good solution and a big unmet need. There is a lot more about the genesis of the idea, but that is for a different post. I had several other ideas for a name, but most of the cloud-related good names were already gone in early 2012. I wanted a name that could differentiate us from a silicon valley startup and would embed and embrace our Portland identity. I also wanted a name that was not intimidating and reflected the fact that the cloud was becoming part of our daily life, like a cloudy day in the northwest. CloudyDays was born.

But today, we’re retiring that brand for a number of reasons:

We finally had the time and resources to complete a professional branding analysis and we have developed a brand platform. We have a much better awareness of the charismatic brand we are in the process of creating, and the trust we want to engender in our users. We wanted a name well-aligned with our brand promise, something clean yet memorable, appealing, classy, and extensible into other markets. We felt that CloudyDays was not on par anymore with our new brand awareness.

For many people, especially people outside of the Pacific Northwest, the term CloudyDays brings negative associations. Perhaps not so much for us in Portland. Hey at least it’s not raining, so it’s good news! To quote a frequent comment we heard when our products are mentioned, ‘CloudyDays is a downer’. That feedback was hard to hear, and I am not even sure is correct, but that does not change the negative perception. We know that ‘CloudyDays’ has hurt our ability to persuade people that we can solve a major problem affecting the industry today.

What we are not doing is giving up on our Oregon identity, and our loyalty and commitment to the vibrant startup community we are part of. We will still insist in being differentiated from silicon valley startups, and we continue to be proud of being part of one of the best startup scene in the country.

What’s in a name — The new name Nouvola

If you haven’t experienced that yet, I can assure you that the search for a new name will bring you to unprecedented levels of frustration. For every how-to guide covering the ten things to do to enter name nirvana, nothing replaces the laborious effort of brainstorming associations and punching names into GoDaddy, sleeping on it, and reviewing your list over and over. It became clear soon that most if not all meaningful names with a ‘cloud-‘S in them were already taken. It became also clear that today is really hard to find a name that has any sort of meaning.

As we embarked on this journey we knew in advance a few guiding principles about the new name. We wanted it to have some relation with the cloud, as is the cloud revolution that brought the idea to life. We also wanted to honor our story as founders, and have a name which sounds like an Italian word or is an Italian word. In general, we also knew we don’t like combination words, also known as portmanteau. Yes, I know, CloudyDays is a combination word — it’s always good to have the ability to make exceptions to ones’ rules.

So this journey took us from contacting people in Dubai in the hope of buying a domain, to reviewing our knowledge of Latin irregular verbs (I’m not making that up), to doing improvised surveys — ‘how does this sound?’ ‘how would you pronounce it?’ — one after another. It is almost like naming a child, that search for a good name that is meaningful for the family and sounds simple yet great, just ten times more intense. With a child, you don’t have to worry whether a name is already taken.

At the end of the journey, Nouvola was born. Nouvola (with a different spelling, but same pronounciation) means cloud in Italian. Also, the prefix nouv– comes from nouveau, which associates with new and trendy, like our innovative solutions for the cloud. And the suffix -vola stands for flying, which associates with flying high, rising above challenges and scaling high — part of our brand promise. In summary, we believe it’s memorable, appealing and musical. Welcome to Nouvola.

What’s changed

We haven’t just changed our site from to As part of this rebrand, our social accounts are also changing.

Please bear with us as we navigate the change and address all inevitable glitches. Also, we’d like your help — let us know if you discover anything not working on our site / social networks, and send us a message at info at nouvola dot com.

And also, I’d like to say thank you. Thank you so much for helping us turning what was not more than an idea a year ago into something real and meaningful. CloudyDays was special, and Nouvola will be even more special. I continue to be impressed by the support, advice, mentoring, offers of help, and the outstanding team and community we have built. It takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to build a successful startup.

Don’t hesitate to contact me directly with your comments and inputs via paola dot moretto at nouvola dot com.


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