Five things you always wanted to know about Nouvola DiveCloud (Part 2 in a series)

Posted by on March 19, 2016 12:48am

How do I create a test?

It is very easy to create a test in Nouvola DiveCloud. No scripting is required, and you can build and run a test in less than five minutes. The test plan is a very simple form, pre-filled with recommended values, and suggestions on how to change them. bigstock-Question-Mark-On-Colorful-Pape-93665630.jpg

You just need to insert the session you want to test, click save, and run the test!

Nouvola provides different tools to record sessions, enabling you to record complex transactions from your web application or mobile device in seconds — or simply record APIs if that’s what you want to test.  

What do the virtual users do?

Virtual Users (VUs) are created when a test is executed. In the test plan there is a field that defines how many concurrent users the test should have. The users defined in the plan are meant to be concurrent users that will execute the sessions concurrently, exactly at the same time. Each user executes a session. Because sessions can be combined to create a multi-session, with a percentage of the total number of VUs assigned to each session within the multi-session, different­ VUs might execute different sessions. Once the virtual users have completed executing the session, they will start again, until the execution time is over. Each time a request is sent, timing information on that request is collected. At the end of the test, aggregated data from all the requests and all users are processed and graphs are generated.

Can we test APIs?

Nouvola DiveCloud provides support for API testing. You can  record APIs with DiveProxy or import them from Postman in a few easy steps. Once recorded, the APIs will behave like regular sessions that can be edited, combined into multi-sessions, and used in DiveCloud test plans.

Can we test mobile applications?

Nouvola DiveProxy provides an easy way to record traffic on native mobile apps with both iOS and Android support. If you don’t have mobile applications but have a site optimized for mobile browsers, you can test that too. The mobile sessions can be stored as sessions and assigned any number of virtual users. You can also combine web traffic with mobile traffic for a more realistic reproduction of your actual traffic.

What kind of results do you provide?

When a test is executed, Nouvola DiveCloud provides a variety of different analytics that enable our customers to dive deep into the data and understand how the overall time budget is spent. The data are also used to create a rich set of graphs, which can provide important information of the application performance at a glance. Results are also stored in the DiveCloud database for an unlimited amount of time, and can be retrieved any time after the test is executed. In addition, the raw data results can be downloaded as CSV file for post-processing. Curious to learn more? Contact us for a free trial and experience DiveCloud for yourself! Learn more