Data, love and better living with performance analytics

Posted by on March 24, 2015 5:00pm

bigstock-Business-analytics-and-project-67038460I love data. Data that can make sense of seemingly random patterns, explain customer behavior and get to the root of what is — and isn’t working — in a business.   Give me data and I’m happy. Give me data in a format that I can understand and I have transcended happiness to a state of delight.  I’m what our partners over at New Relic would call a Data Nerd.  I’m a big believer that we can all make better decisions when we have the right data to inform us.

But at a time when many businesses are worshiping at the altar of Big Data, I also understand that raw data is not always enough. You also need a solid analysis of that data to drive to good decisions.

This is certainly true with performance testing. With the right software you can determine how well your application is performing, how fast your page is loading, even how much that speed changes relative to the amount of load that it is put under. This is all valuable data to help businesses understand usability and user satisfaction. And if the data shows you’re performing well, great.

But what happens when your performance tests reveal problems? You’ve gone from a 300 millisecond load time to 3,000 millisecond load time, for example?  You know in your bones that if you were to push that to production you will have your inbox flooded with mails you really don’t want to open.  This is where good data may not be enough. The data is telling you that something isn’t working correctly but you need cloud performance analytics to tell you where that problem is occurring.  This is a critical distinction. Today’s web applications are spidery, they are doing lots of things with lots of moving parts.  Not knowing which of those parts is performing poorly could cost you hours or days of work trying to find it, not to mention fixing it. The more complex your app the more important web performance analytics become. 

Today, most people’s lives are directed by data. But many of us struggle to make sense of all the data we’re able to collect. The real challenge becomes converting data into valuable information. Nouvola was founded by technologists with deep expertise in data and analytics. We get it.

Think of it as the difference between feeling under the weather and having a diagnosis. You can lie in bed all day complaining, or you can treat the illness. Your customers will all be a lot happier if you treat the problem. So will you. 

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