Continuous Testing with Jenkins got better than ever

Posted by on March 9, 2017 12:07am

You’re doing CI / CD. How continuous is your performance testing?

Ensuring effective performance testing requires tight integration with the release process. The ability to automate everything from code change to production, and run tests for every build, is critical for development teams. As part of our commitment to support our users in this pursuit, we have recently made substantial enhancements to the Nouvola Jenkins plugin. With Nouvola’s updated plugin for Jenkins you can now be notified when tests complete and get alerted instantly if there is a failure or a pass, based on the performance goals you set for your test — before you even glance at the graphs and charts. Screenshot from 2017-01-20 12-34-59-2.pngYou can add Nouvola DiveCloud performance tests to your CI / CD pipeline, making it easier to validate performance with your changes and effectively identify and remediate any performance issues before pushing to production. The testing process becomes fully automated, fully integrated into your CI / CD process, thereby improving productivity and release cycle time. Here are a couple of our most exciting new features:
  • Allow a test to wait for test completion
  • Alert with pass / fail information based on test goal
  • Access full results from Jenkins
Jenkins plugin page-2.pngTo install the plugin, just go to the  Jenkins Plugin site, follow the instructions for the Jenkins Plugin Manager and look for Nouvola DiveCloud. Once installation is complete, it will show up in your Build Steps. Don’t forget to add a webhook to be notified when your tests complete. You can run multiple performance tests as part of your Build Step, in sequence or in parallel. For a complete step-by-step, go here. Enter the required information and the DiveCloud test will run every time your build gets executed. Now, you can test, iterate and optimize faster, and go back to doing what you love. If you’re using Jenkins,  get the new plugin and run a free test to see for yourself how easy performance testing can be!