Case Study: How Sogeti Used Nouvola to Enhance Performance by 75% and Saved Months of Work

Posted by on June 25, 2018 8:20pm
Sogeti, a leading provider of technology and engineering services, delivers solutions that enable digital transformation and offers cutting-edge expertise in Cloud, Cybersecurity, Digital Manufacturing, Quality Assurance & Testing, and Emerging Technologies. With more than 25,000 professionals in 15 countries, Sogeti operates in over 100 locations in Europe, USA and India. Sogeti supports a variety of different clients in their software development, testing and operations. When they looked for performance testing tools, they also considered other solutions in the market. But in comparison to Nouvola, they found other solutions to be very expensive, and noted they also came with a huge learning curve. With Nouvola, on the other hand, Sogeti was able to run a test in a few minutes. As their performance engineers put it:

 Nouvola is conceptually very intuitive, and the support is outstanding. Any issues we have are resolved very quickly. They also really listen to our feedback and have already added features accordingly.


Sogeti had been experiencing a problem for several months at a client, where they were experiencing deadlocks in the database at random times in the production environment, which was causing end-users to experience long delays, dropped connections and more. In their words, “This was critical to us because the deadlock was degrading performance on our server, application and infrastructure to a degree that the user experience was suffering.” This was no simple database error. Sogeti tried to recreate the issues in their development environment for weeks, but were unable to do so. Reproducing the issue was highly critical: if they were able to recreate the issue then they could reach out to the database vendor for assistance. But without the ability to reproduce, it was difficult to engage the vendor and they would not be able to verify that any potential fix actually corrected the problem.


“Our goals were to recreate production-sized load on our development servers to catch issues and identify performance bottlenecks. We chose to go with Nouvola because their service seemed much easier to use than the competitors. Most competitors would require a full-time employee to learn the tool with a long learning curve and then develop and run tests. Within just a few minutes of working with Nouvola, we were able to run some basic load and performance tests. And after a week or so we were running all the load and performance tests we needed, with a minimal amount of time invested. The solution is so much easier to use than other options, it’s likely saved us tens of thousands of dollars in labor alone.” “The support with Nouvola has been second-to-none, with live check-in meetings, fast response times for any questions, etc.”


Prior to using Nouvola, the team at Sogeti spent weeks unsuccessfully trying to recreate the issue. Once they got started with Nouvola, they were able to put the development server under load that could recreate the deadlocks within 2 or 3 minutes repeatedly. Within an hour, they were able to recreate the deadlocks, apply the configuration fix proposed by the database vendor, and then run the same load on the server and confirm that the issue was resolved.

We had a very big problem that we have been investigating for months. Development was not able to reproduce it, and we finally could reproduce it with Nouvola. It was a deadlock in the SQL table. Solved months of work!

After the fix was applied, even server calls unrelated to the original deadlock issue started running with a 20 – 40% performance increase under load. So this issue was likely having a serious effect on performance across the board. With Nouvola, Sogeti was finally able to solve this issue, and doing so immediately restored the level of performance their clients (and their users) expect.

Benefits – In Sogeti’s words

 By using Nouvola, we were able to reproduce and fix an issue in two days that had been causing serious performance issues for months in production and have real impact on our clients’ end users. Nouvola’s solution is also allowing us to make other performance improvements to the site that, along with the database fix, have yielded performance improvements of up to 75%.

 Nouvola’s service has been indispensable to our testing and performance enhancements. Their support has been incredible and has allowed us to easily performance test our application without major manpower expenditures.

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