Beyond beginners luck: Looking back on a second successful year

Posted by on January 6, 2015 9:53pm


This time a year ago, I was reflecting on a year of firsts: Nouvola’s first year in operation, our first product launch and our first accolades.

Today I’m happy to say these were the first of many. Nouvola went on from there to have a successful second year, growing our product offering, our customer base and our profile, and establishing just how relevant our products are in today’s fast-paced environment where so much business is transacted over the web.  In the last six months alone we’ve shown a 400% increase in paying customers and an over 4000% increase in monthly revenue. 

While the challenges of launching a high-tech startup on a tight budget with limited staff are the stuff of legend, it’s arguably much harder to sustain that initial traction. Nouvola’s ability to build on our initial success underscores that we have the talent to execute on our vision, and the vision to understand some of the major needs to come out of the Agile, DevOps and cloud computing revolution.

Highlights from 2014 include:

More innovation. Nouvola was built around the premise that performance testing is critical for todays’ applications. In 2014 we introduced multiple product features to make testing as realistic,  comprehensive and turnkey as possible. New products introductions in 2014 include Nouvola Virtual Credentials, which supports testing of applications that require login credentials; DiveCloud API, which expanded the capabilities of our original DiveCloud product to give users more flexibility to control the timing and automate the tests they run; DiveTrace, a browser plugin that records the customer’s actual browsing experience to provide the data behind the user session; and MultiSession, which aims to produce testing results that are closer to real world performance by blending multiple user sessions and workflows.

More accolades. As a Portland, Oregon enterprise software startup, Nouvola is operating in a region and a sector that has an abundance of talent. It is both humbling and validating to have been honored among such an esteemed group. We won first prize at both the Southern Oregon Venture Conference and the Angel Oregon competition in 2014 and we were extremely honored to be named a finalist in the Oregon Entrepreneur Network’s Tom Holce Award for the Launch Stage Company of the Year. Nouvola was also featured in GeekWire, The Oregonian, Portland Business Journal, MailTribune, Oregon Business and Engine. And co-founder Paola Rossaro and I participated in multiple industry conferences from the IT Cloud Computing Conference and FutureStack. Last but not least, I was able to use my platform to speak about the shortage of women in IT, especially in leadership. (Ever seen a unicorn with sparkles?)

More need for our product. As cloud and Agile / DevOps adoption grows, demand for performance testing increases. I write this post in the midst of a holiday season where some major retailers saw their sites crash or experience significant slowdowns on some of the busiest shopping days of the year ⬦ all because they didn’t adequately test different traffic scenarios ahead of time. Businesses have started to understand that   the user experience they provide — good or bad — becomes their brand, and their success or failure is increasingly determined by the response time and the quality of the user experience.  As Nouvola CTO Paola Rossaro said in her address at the ICEE3 conference this year, speed is product feature Number One.  

Enabling businesses to deliver great and fast software that delight users — life is too short for bad software — is what I’m passionate about. Nouvola makes a product that developers love, which enables companies to improve the way they do business. I look forward to continuing to build software that meets this important need in 2015. I’m grateful to work with such a talented team and as this eventful year draws to a close, I want to thank all of our partners, supporters and customers that made it such a success.

Don’t hesitate to contact me directly with your comments and inputs via paola dot moretto at nouvola dot com. You can find me on Twitter at @paolamoretto3 or @nouvolatech.


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