Author: Paola Moretto

Why Synthetic Monitoring and APM go hand-in-hand

Posted by on July 6, 2018 9:13pm
synthetic monitoring and APM Some time ago we wrote a post about Synthetic Testing and Real User Monitoring, and explained why these are complementary, not competing, approaches. Similarly, Synthetic Monitoring and APM – Application Performance Monitoring - are similar in that they are often regarded as two competing solutions, as if one were an alternative to the other. They... Read more »

5 Steps to Keep APIs from Sabotaging Performance

Posted by on April 11, 2018 5:39pm
Many of the applications we all use every day leverage a number of 3rd party solutions via application programming interfaces, or, as they’re more commonly known, APIs. The steady transition from monolithic application architectures to distributed microservices has played a big role in the explosion of APIs. Once relegated to back-office processing, today API calls… Read more »

Five Signs You Need to Change Your Testing Tool

Posted by on April 20, 2017 7:06pm
Software testing is a very complex exercise, and a lot depends on the specific situation and on the application being tested.  It’s an art more than a science, and usually comprises of a variety of areas, including functional testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, regression testing, unit testing, etc. But in general, there are high level… Read more »

My Top 5 Takeaways from Running Hood to Coast

Posted by on October 25, 2016 5:42pm
The Hood to Coast relay is an overnight, long distance relay race held in Oregon every year. It has been dubbed ‘the mother of all relays’ for a reason — it’s one of the longest and largest relays, covering more than 200 miles from Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood to Seaside on the Oregon Coast…. Read more »

A quick recap of Velocity SC 2016

Posted by on July 12, 2016 9:43pm
One of my favorite events in the tech industry is the O’Reilly-organized Velocity Conference in Santa Clara. Covering all things Web Perf and DevOps, Velocity is definitely a must-attend event for all serious web performance professionals. It was great to be there with the Nouvola team, we were really excited to have a booth and… Read more »

2016 predictions about DevOps, Mobile, APM and IoT

Posted by on February 6, 2016 1:25am
The tech world is changing at lightspeed and everybody is wondering what will matter most in 2016 in tech. In this post, Nouvola CEO Paola Moretto shares her views on some of the key trends to watch for in web performance, DevOps, performance testing solutions and IoT this year. APM Microservices and containers will require reinvention… Read more »

Holiday countdown – 5 things to do now to get your ecommerce site ready

Posted by on December 22, 2015 3:32am
This Thanksgiving we witnessed yet another round of spectacular crashes among online retailers. Neiman Marcus had a retailer’s worst nightmare: the Neiman Marcus site crashed on Black Friday and did not recover for the whole day. Cyber Monday saw major crashes impact Target, Victoria’s Secret, NewEgg and even PayPal. And these are only the big… Read more »