Actionable Performance Analytics – Nouvola Presenting some hot new technology at RailsConf

Posted by on April 17, 2015 7:20pm

Analytics-83340752Nouvola will be attending this year’s RailsConf in Atlanta GA April 21st through April 23rdRailsConf is the largest official Ruby on Rails gathering of the year attended by top Rails talent, companies and project representatives from all over the world.  Ruby on Rails is one of, if not thetop frameworks for web development.  And this is the conference that all the best of the best of Rails developers attend.

Paola Moretto, Nouvola CEO and Co-Founder will be presenting a ground breaking session ‘ A New Kind of Analytics: Actionable Performance Analysis’  This will be a forward looking presentation where she will be discussing some of the technology we are pioneering.  It is a peek into a brand new way to look at and to use performance testing data.

Applications today are becoming more and more complex and include thousands of possible optimization points. No matter how deep your performance testing data are, developers are still at a loss when asked to derive meaningful and actionable data that pinpoint to bottlenecks in the application. You know things are slow, but you are left with the challenge of figuring out where to optimize. We’ll describe a new kind of analytics, called performance analytics that provide tangible ways to root cause performance problems in today’s applications and clearly identify where and what to optimize. We’re very excited about this technological breakthrough and we’re sure the audience at RailsConf will be too!

If you plan to be in Atlanta on April 23rd do come by and listen to the presentation.  Paola continues to contribute to the thought leadership in this space and we believe that you will find her insights of value.  Please contact us directly if you would like some one on one time with her at the conference.

Don’t hesitate to contact us directly with your comments and inputs via marketing at Nouvola dot com.

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