Achieving AWS DevOps Competency Status: What it Means for Our Customers

Posted by on July 12, 2018 9:45pm

AWS DevOpsCompetencyIt’s another exciting day at Nouvola. Today, we’re happy to share with you that Nouvola has been awarded the AWS DevOps Competency. This is an exciting moment of recognition, and a testament to the great work our technical team continues to deliver.

In case you missed it, earlier this year Nouvola attained Advanced Technology Partner status in the AWS Partner Network. To obtain Advanced Technology Partner status, AWS requires partners to meet stringent criteria, including the ability to demonstrate success in providing AWS services to a wide range of customers and use cases. Nouvola is also fully integrated with AWS CodePipeline, making it easy for developers and DevOps to incorporate performance and load testing into their continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

For Nouvola, the AWS DevOps Competency award was the logical next step.

What is the AWS DevOps Competency Program?


So, what’s the AWS DevOps Competency all about? As Amazon puts it, “AWS DevOps Competency Partners have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success with specific focus on continuous integration and continuous delivery.”  To receive the designation, APN Technology Partners must possess deep DevOps expertise and proven solutions delivered seamlessly on AWS. Partners must also undergo rigorous assessment of the security, performance, and reliability of their solutions.

How did we earn it?


Nouvola DiveCloud goes beyond traditional load testing and enables development and DevOps teams to achieve continuous performance across their delivery pipelines. With DiveCloud, developers and DevOps alike can check the health of every build and measure speed of critical workflows, hence deliver better quality, and overall a better digital experience. DiveCloud uses machine learning and predictive analytics technologies to enable testing from a wide range of geographic locations, with real-world user scenarios.

In other words, all our emphasis on CI/CD integration and the importance of continuous testing in recent years isn’t just talk: the AWS DevOps Competency is proof that we’re walking the walk as well.

Besides, our new AWS DevOps Competency status points to our innovation around intelligent automation, ML-driven troubleshooting and real-world testing. We don’t sit still and we are proud to continue to innovate in the testing and synthetic monitoring space.

What’s the big deal?

OK, you may say, why it matters and how it impacts our customers.

Achieving the AWS DevOps Competency differentiates Nouvola as (APN) Technology Partner that has demonstrated proven customer results, helping companies improving quality and accelerating time-to-market. We recently proved it again with our customers at Sogeti, who used Nouvola to tackle a big problem and increased the speed of their software by 75%, while also saving months of work.

One of the key benefits of Nouvola DiveCloud is speed – which means both the speed of your application running in production, and also the speed of your release cycles and your team velocity – one can deploy with confidence knowing your web and mobile apps perform well.

“Test cycles can be accelerated with reduced risk of rollbacks, facilitating faster and better software builds that avoid unnecessary crashes and unhappy users,” Paola Moretto, Nouvola founder and CEO, noted. “This is all made possible by building quality into the cycle early on and catching performance issues before they reach end-users. This is what continuous testing is all about, and why Nouvola is honored to have been awarded the AWS DevOps Competency.”

It’s worth mentioning that this small group of prominent DevOps software vendors (eleven total, of which only three in testing) have been selected and pre-qualified by AWS, as tools and solutions that integrate with and can extend AWS services. Besides, we are in great company. Nouvola, along with  Github and CloudBees, is part of the suite of must-have services that companies use and enjoy on a daily basis.

The bottom line


Ultimately, Nouvola is proud to be a part of the AWS DevOps Competency Program and to continue to delight customers with our innovative offerings. Many of our customers are using Nouvola in conjunction with AWS to achieve continuous performance, and we are looking forward to helping other AWS customers achieve similar results.  Learn more about Nouvola Continuous Testing Solutions for DevOps.

For more details, see AWS short list of  DevOps Partner Solutions and the official press release.

Wondering how to add a Nouvola test action to your pipeline? See the  play-by-play here.  Nouvola is also  available on AWS MarketPlace.

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