Our Story

Performance testing that just might change the world

Our story

Yep, we provide performance-testing tools that developers love… but we’re changing the world too. How? Well, it’s all about the cloud – and we make the cloud faster. Imagine software so fast that you could do everything from your devices… everything. You know, like seamlessly transferring data from your smart phone to your car, to your home, to your workplace, to your appliances. We’re relentless about making this future a reality. It’s a brave new world and we’ll help you flourish in it.

We believe…

Every company is a software company. You can’t afford to think of software as cost-center relegated to the IT dungeon. Software is your core business. Speed is product feature number one – your customers have zero patience for sluggish performance – they’ll simply bounce and go elsewhere. We’ll help you be better, faster, stronger and that will wow your customers.

Our roots…

We like to say we are our customers. Our founders, Paola Moretto and Paola Rossaro, are both advanced-degree-wielding software engineers with impressive resumes. They’ve worked in the trenches with the best of the best. They met in 1995 while researching at UC Berkeley. Paola M met Paola R. as she was working on her post-doctoral research (Paola R. basically has a PhD in making software faster – no joke). As two Italians living as expats in the U.S., they bonded quickly – not just over their shared heritage and software education and expertise, but also because they’re both outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers at heart (they later summited two “fourteeners” together).

As developers, over their careers, they both experienced the pain of using existing tools to manage new stacks. They looked around at performance testing solutions and thought, frankly, “these suck.” So in 2013, over lattes and croissants at La Boulange in San Francisco, Paola M. talked Paola R. into starting Nouvola, with the goal of make performance testing 1,000 times better. The adventure-seeking Paolas both love a good challenge, and what better challenge than disrupting the performance-testing space with a solution that actually makes developer’s lives easier?

And that’s our goal every single day – to make performance testing tools that developers love – basically the kind of solution we always needed and wanted and could never find. It’s a big challenge, and we’re making it happen. We’re persistent and intrepid – we’ll never rest on our laurels. As the future of the Internet unfolds, we’re ready for the challenge of making software faster than anyone thought was possible.

About the name…

Nouvola is a play on the word “cloud” in Italian. Since the founding of our company was conceived within the minds of two entrepreneurial Italians, we thought the name fitting. Yes, it’s spelled differently in Italian (nuvola), but it has the same pronunciation: “NEW-voo-la.”

Our Team

As a rule, we only hire native Italians – or at least only people who are willing to be called by Italian names once in a while.


Paola Moretto

Co-founder and CEO

Paola is a proven technology executive with more than 20 years of experience in leading organizations both at startups and established companies. She’s run everything from product teams at Intel developing first generation wireless and cloud solutions to startup dev teams in the wireless space. The seeds of the idea for Nouvola were planted when she was director of Software for Intel’s Data Center Group, where she worked on solving scalability issues for companies like Facebook.

Paola Rossaro

PHD Co Founder and CTO

Paola loves seeing data and distributed systems in action, working flawlessly. Her career has spanned leadership roles at Teachscape and Wind River where she was responsible for the teams ensuring distributed enterprise application testing and monitoring (ie: making sure everything works flawlessly). She loved it so much her PhD in Computer Engineering didn’t seem to take it far enough, so she continued post doc work at UC Berkeley in real time network performance.

Savio MacArthur

Savio MacArthur

Developer Lead (a.k.a. “Shawn”)

Shawn began programming when he was 10 years old, and since then has dedicated his professional life to web application development, front and back end. Shawn has worked in the area of databases, security and mobile applications.
Michele Irion

Michele Irion

Developer (a.k.a. “Michael”)

Michael has over fifteen years experience performing software development on a wide variety of devices, platforms and languages, including heavily multi-threaded server environments down to microcontrollers. Currently specializing in web development, primarily in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript.
Dario Truffelli

Dario Truffelli

Data Scientist (a.k.a. “Dario”)

Dario has more than 20 years of experience in R&D and management in software companies, microelectronics and semiconductors. He’s covered several leadership roles on mathematical representation of data complexity, to synthetize large amounts of data into informative pictures for analysis and decision-making. He is recognized as an expert on cluster analysis and data representation for business intelligence and analytics, and brings an established proficiency in data analysis.
Timoteo Loudon

Timoteo Loudon

Senior developer (a.k.a. “Tim”)

Tim has nearly ten years of consulting and software development work running the gamut from Fortune 500 companies to top tier universities to up and coming small businesses. He has previously managed large-scale projects at a successful full-service Drupal firm and ran technology for a Boston-based startup.

Simone Waddington

Lead Architect (a.k.a. “Simon”)

As previous Director of Mobile Platform at ViaFone and GoodGuide, Simon has brought both companies from first round funding stage through to acquisition. He’s been project lead on numerous products focused on distributed computing and parallel processing. Simon holds an MA in Physics from Oxford University and claims to have purchased Rosetta Stone – Italian version, though we are pretty sure he hasn’t made it past the second disk yet.
Michela Farnham

Michela Farnham

Senior Sales Executive (a.k.a. “Michelle”)

Michelle brings 20+ years of high-performance sales experience in the Software Industry with companies like Symantec, Intersolv and Oracle. Her expertise lies in enterprise sales, account management, strategic alliances, channels and customer success. During the course of her career, she has discovered that the most rewarding component of sales is developing long-term partnerships with her customers throughout the sales process, achieved by delivering exceptional care throughout the entire life cycle.
Matteo Wilbur

Matteo Wilbur

Sales Advisor (a.k.a. “Matt”)

Matt Wilbur brings 27 years of experience in sales and sales leadership at companies like Cadence Design Systems, CDI Corporation, Intersolv and OrCAD. He’s been in inside sales, field sales, and has spent many years in various sales management and executive leadership positions. His career has taken him from companies of various sizes and stages, ranging from a five-person startup to a $1.5B industry leader. Matt currently consults with clients on every aspect of the sales process.
Hana Jacover

Anna Jacover

Marketing Manager (a.k.a. “Hana”)

Anna Jacover has been in the field of Digital Marketing for over eight years. Working for both small and large companies and organizations within both the teach and action sports industries, Hana has focused on demand generation strategy, email marketing, lead management, event planning and brand awareness. She is skilled in project management, demand generation strategy and execution, lead management, content marketing, marketing automation and inbound marketing methodology.
Alessandro Mastrorocco

Alessandro Mastrorocco

Operations Mgr. (a.k.a. “Alessandro”)

Alessandro earned his master degree in Political Science from University of Milan where he taught Contemporary History and Political Parties History. He moved to US in 2011, and he worked at Symantec as Web Content Analyst. Prior to Symantec, Alessandro was manager of sales and marketing of an IT company, where he coordinated the contents and the communication strategy utilized by the Cenacolo Vinciano Museum to celebrate the 10-years restoration of the Last Supper.
Saverio Rietman

Saverio Rietman

CFO (a.k.a. “Shawn”)

Shawn Rietman has over 29 years of finance and accounting experience in both public and private environments. He worked for the Big 4 firm of Ernst & Young as audit manager working with both public and private companies. For the last 24 years he has been performing consulting basis Chief Financial Officer work where he works closely with business owners and management teams developing and providing solutions to help them achieve their business and financial goals.

Current Openings at Nouvola

Want to make it easier to deliver stronger, better, faster performance? We are always looking for passionate and talented people to join our team. We are inspired, pragmatic, and driven. We believe in having fun. Drop us a note at info@nouvola.com. We’d love to hear from you.

Lead Developer

Nouvola is a Portland area cloud computing company offering a cloud scalability platform to help companies deploying their applications to the cloud scale successfully. Sophisticated web load generation, load testing, and application performance analytics enable our customers to uncover performance issues before they impact their business.

Nouvola is looking for an outstanding developer to lead and contribute to our DiveCloud proprietary technology. You will own making DiveCloud the best possible tool for engineers and managers to scale their applications. You’ll design and implement significant new features, collaborate on the long-term roadmap for the project, curate the issue tracker, mentor new contributors, and interact regularly with customers. This position will report directly to Nouvola CTO. Responsibilities include:

  • Changes and extensions to the architecture and framework
  • Design and implementation and testing of critical building blocks and new features
  • Addressing bugs and issues as reported by customers and field
  • Software development as part of an Agile team following a Scrum methodology


  • You love shipping code, and want to see your work in the hands of users.
  • You love a technical challenge, and want to build the next generation of tools that make scale possible.
  • You have a working knowledge of Ruby, ROR.
  • You are familiar with Agile methodology, SCRUM project management, issue trackers, distributed version control and other common tools for today software engineers.
  • You are able to make technical decisions, justify trade-offs, accept or reject changes, and decide whether to ship now or ship later.
  • You focus on communication, are able to communicate well, are a team player and able to work in a multi-tasking, high pace environment with changing priorities.

Download job description (PDF)

Engineering Intern

Nouvola is a Portland area cloud computing company offering a cloud scalability platform to help companies deploying their applications to the cloud scale successfully. Sophisticated web load generation, load testing, and application performance analytics enable our customers to uncover performance issues before they impact their business.The engineering intern will be responsible for developing critical software building blocks and advanced web technology as part of Nouvola proprietary technology. It is an exciting opportunity to be part of a leading edge cloud computing startup, working with a world-class engineering team.


Knowledge of at least one of the following: Ruby, ROR, WordPress. Great communications skills, the capability of working in a fast paced environment, enthusiasm and motivation.

Download job description (PDF)