2016 predictions about DevOps, Mobile, APM and IoT

Posted by on February 6, 2016 1:25am
bigstock----written-on-sandy-beach-90498794_bis.jpg The tech world is changing at lightspeed and everybody is wondering what will matter most in 2016 in tech. In this post, Nouvola CEO Paola Moretto shares her views on some of the key trends to watch for in web performance, DevOps, performance testing solutions and IoT this year.


Microservices and containers will require reinvention of APM

2016 will be the year when we see adoption of containers and microservices architectures truly skyrocket. It will be critical for APM solutions to provide additional and deeper metrics on container performance. With modern containerized architectures delivering increased flexibility, speed and capacity for re-use, often the downside is a lot of additional complexity. APM solutions will need to focus on container performance and how it maps to the overall application performance. There will be a greater need for higher visibility and additional levels of analytics for container-driven architectures. (This quote by Paola Moretto was included in the  2016 APM Predictions on APM Digest.  


2016 will be the year of turnkey performance testing solutions

2016 will also be the year when we start seeing an increased focus on app performance testing as a critical part of the application development lifecycle. Access to cloud-based, scalable and turnkey testing tools that integrate well with continuous delivery flows will become paramount. The DevOps tools conversation will expand from continuous integration and infrastructure configuration solutions to a broader set that includes scalability testing and performance testing, as well as unit testing. Seamless testing will come to be seen as critical for any DevOps flow to succeed, for the DevOps promise to be delivered and for businesses to achieve the right speed of execution. This quote by Paola Moretto was included in the  2016 DevOps Predictions on DevOps Digest.


Increased and rapid adoption of mobile performance testing solutions and Mobile APM

Mobile traffic will continue to increase as smart devices take over the world. Companies can’t overlook their mobile app or traffic via a mobile browser any longer, and will rapidly move to adopt mobile performance testing solutions and mobile APM solutions. Specifically for ecommerce, one in three online purchases came from a mobile device during Black Friday, and at one point  mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic on Thanksgiving day. On average, 25% of online sales are executed on a mobile platform. This year we will witness the tipping point in accelerating adoption for mobile APM and performance testing tools.


Broad IoT adoption will be delayed by concern about backend performance

When people talk about IoT, the first thing that comes to mind is sensors. However, the key technical challenge for IoT is actually the backend. In the IoT world, it’s not about thousands of concurrent users but about millions of always-on, relentless devices. To add complexity to the matter, the sheer number of devices, field usage conditions, different SLAs, and different protocols  all factor into the backend performance conversation. Unless organizations start to systematically adopt IoT performance testing tools, concerns over backend performance will emerge as a significant hurdle delaying progress with IoT solutions around the world. Get DiveCloud & Start Testing