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Real-world performance & load testing to minimize rollbacks and deliver faster software, faster.

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Ready for anything the world might throw at you

For web & mobile apps that means traffic from different geo-locations, different devices, different browsers or API calls; all with different user actions and different data inputs, but all expecting the same super-fast response time as the Internet giants.

Nouvola runs through every workflow automatically to make sure there are no bottlenecks, with synthetic users modelled either on your typical traffic patterns or ramping up to 1M concurrent users for breakpoint stress testing.

Be Prepared for Traffic Spikes

Identify Bottlenecks Before They Bite You

Every app will die at some point. Nouvola can test hundreds of scenarios in minutes, so whether it’s a PR traffic spike or just one poorly configured API, you can identify bottlenecks before they impact production.

Evaluate New Builds on the Fly

Minimize Rollbacks

Rollbacks cost real money and even after you revert, you still don’t know the underlying issue. Performance testing with real-world data & real user workflows ensures higher quality software with fewer rollbacks.

Optimize with What-If Scenarios

Optimize with “What-If” Scenarios

Evaluate your architecture, size your instances and anticipate the impacts of different deployments. Test and plan for maximum performance and right-sized infrastructure investment.

Automate everything for faster software faster

Powerful automated performance testing without scripting reduces test time from days to minutes and lets you test earlier in the release cycle, so issues are identified & fixed before they impact others.

Our Integrations

Work Smarter


Zero friction-testing

Test any load, on any device, for any geo. Enable faster iteration with intuitive features and in-depth analytics – it takes minimal time and effort to create a test (no scripting!), run a test and get results.


No more testing “time suck”

Predictive, automated, solution-based testing frees you up to focus on the cool stuff, like new features and new products.


An agile tool for an Agile world

Facilitates rapid deployment and works seamlessly for the Agile environment.

Deploy With Confidence


Deliver continuous integration

Every build and every deployment is tried and tested in advance, before you’re live. And that makes continuous integration reality, not just a catch phrase.


Keep your users happy

If your site is slow or temperamental, users won’t care about what you have to offer. Safeguard user experience and quickly identify potential user snafus before they impact conversion rates.


Predict reliability and scalability

Find and fix performance issues and scalability challenges before users are impacted. Get the visibility you need to identify potential problems in advance, so you have time to make wise decisions that support your long- and short-term goals.

Support Revenue & Growth


Protect your brand

Your website/application is the digital face of your company – speed, responsiveness and reliability matter. Nouvola’s seamless performance and analytics solution equips you with the tools to proactively protect your brand equity.


Manage performance proactively

Because your site or app is constantly evolving, managing performance can be like herding cats. Nouvola gives you visibility into your site performance and provides an easy way to verify that your site is ready for primetime, every single day.


Maximize your upside

Don’t let tech issues bog down your revenue and growth. When you have a cost-effective solution to ensure your site is fast, reliable and scalable, it puts you one step closer to realizing your topline goals.

How It Works:
Turnkey Simplicity

Nouvola delivers fully automated performance testing with no scripting required.

  1. Record user workflows with our Chrome extension (or use a proxy or import via Postman) to capture the different ways your users interact with your app. Save any number of workflows and user scenarios.
  2. Set traffic variables such the geo-location of traffic sources or device types.
  3. Run the tests, either manually or as part of CI/CD workflow automatically in the background.
  4. Evaluate performance with our advanced integrated statistical analysis for instant comparison to your baseline thresholds.

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Nouvola How It Works
Nouvola How It Works

How It Works:
Robust Simplicity

Nouvola’s turnkey testing and analytics solution helps keep your users satisfied and engaged, both today and tomorrow – easily, painlessly and consistently.

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